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The St Augustine community has many manicure and pedicure options, but none offer what Medi Nails and Spa provides. Dr. LeBeau is very particular with nail product selection, team skills and the sanitation process. At Medi Nails and Spa, your safety is most important. You deserve the best and at Medi Nails and Spa you will experience The Best!

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Signature Pedicure
Spa Pedicure

This traditional pedicure begins with a soak, exfoliation, tonails and cuticle care followed by a rejuvenating massage. Complete the experience with your choice of polish. $40

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The Ultimate Pedicure
Royal Treatment

This is the Ultimate Pedicure Experience! Your feet are tended to as if you are royalty. Toenails, cuticles and soles of your feet are cared for with detailed grooming to promote good health. It also includes a mask treatment & a massage followed with a polish. $45

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Renew My Sole
Need Sole Repair?

This cherished pedicure is designed for you to admire your feet after meticulous toenails, cuticle and sole grooming care. Then, enjoy a relaxing hydrating foot treatment to Renew Your Sole while receiving a foot and arm massage designed to dissolve stress and tension, providing you with a deep sense of relaxation. Complete this renewal experience with flawless polish. Feel refreshed to the very sole. $45

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Feet Repair
Looking to Repair?

Beyond your typical pedicure‚Ķ if your feet are in need of major help this is the ideal pedicure. Its perfect men and woman who are suffering from imperfections. Experience Foot Logix Pediceuticals’ innovation to help you have beautiful feet again. This Pedicure begins with a consultation then its customized based on your needs. From $50

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Pedi Massage
Need Love?

Step into an aromatic sea salt soak and then an incredible exfoliation followed with a nourishing mask treatment. Complete your experience an incredible foot and leg massage. $35

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Beautiful and Healthy Feet
Want to Be a Member?

Beautiful & Healthy Feet is the idea experience for people who want to maintain healthy looking feet. It offers light Pedi care and a 15 minute massage. The Beautiful & Healthy Pedicure is available as a membership featuring a pedicure and a manicure per month.

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Signature Manicure
In Need of Renewal?

This detailed manicure begins with a hand exfoliating treatment to rid dead skin and a mask to help rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Then, your nails and cuticles are cared for, followed by a fantastic massage from hand to elbow. Your experience is complete with a polish of choice. $25

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Long Lasting Manicure
Looking For a Lasting Manicure?

Gel Manicure is the latest solution for busy people who require their manicure to last longer without chipping or fading. You will have all the essential steps of a classic manicure with two different options of polish, either a shellac or gel polish. Your nail technician can recommend the ideal choice for you. $33

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Youthful Hands
Are Your Hands Showing the Signs of Aging?

This is an anti-aging treatment for your hands. We begin with a gentle scrub to prepare your hands for an anti-aging mask followed by a gentle massage with a moisturizing cream. This treatment gently deposits a protective film over your hands, giving them softness and beauty. A great addition to any manicure. $30

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Deluxe Spa Manicure
Indulge Yourself

This is an Ultimate Manicure Experience. After a warm mineral soak, your hands are exfoliated with a natural sugar scrub, followed by a hydrating mask & relaxing heat therapy. Nails are then shaped & cuticles cared for, followed by a hand to elbow massage. Complete your experience with a polish of your choice. $35

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Tiny Feet & Hands

Little feet and little hands need to be cared for just like big feet and hands. Medi Nails and Spa has created the ideal pedicure and manicure for your little ones. Gentle products are used to protect and keep your little ones healthy. Finish with their choice of polish color. $30
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